How to better care for your air ducts and HVAC system - we give our recommendations.

Welcome to our informative air duct cleaning tips page. Read on to learn how to better care for your air ducts and HVAC system, why it is important for you to do so, and how improper maintenance can cause issues in the long-run.

Get the dryer vent cleaned right away if the appliance gets very hot

This symptom indicates that the vent hose has a considerable amount of lint built up inside it. In this case, the appliance is not only inefficient, but also at a very high risk of catching fire. That is why the lint must be removed without delay.

Ventilate the house by opening the windows

Air duct cleaning is the best way to avoid over accumulation of dust in the house. Since these are the hidden parts which transfer air into your house, it's best to maintain them once a year. HVAC unit cleaning is also important but don't forget that there are other reasons for over accumulation of dust at home. Keeping the windows open for a while, every day, helps.

Lower your risk of allergies with regular HVAC air duct cleaning

Proper cleaning prevents pollen and mold, both dangerous allergens, from being constantly circulated by the air in your house. This is an important protective measure which is particularly important for families with small children and for people who suffer from or are prone to respiratory conditions.

Keep your air ducts dry

Make sure your air ducts don't become wet from floor cleaning, accidental spills or mold that can begin growing inside. Our specialists can control the amount of moisture in your air ducts by repairing any leaks or visible signs of water damage. We recommend that you have your air ducts thoroughly cleaned at least every 3 to 7 years depending on how much dust and debris becomes trapped during its normal operation and how often your filters are changed.

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