Air Duct Cleaning

Enjoy a cleaner, healthier home environment by taking advantage of our professional air duct cleaning and repair services. We also service kitchen exhaust hoods and dryer vents and ducts.

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The average HVAC system is often ignored until something goes wrong. This is why it's important to check it once in a while. Dirty air ducts can contaminate the air which can have harsh effects on you and your family.Air Duct Cleaning in California

HVAC Air Duct Cleaning

This procedure requires special tools as a regular vacuum can't get to every corner. After every single corner is reached and cleaned, the materials come into the picture in order to make sure the duct is perfectly clean. This also includes the filters and the condenser unit of course.

Seal Repair

An initial inspection should be thorough enough for revealing any damage to the ducts. Seal damage is one of the most common issues, causing air leaks. Two possible consequences are energy loss and higher energy bills, along with inefficient performance of the ducts. Another one would be moisture – which could, in turn, lead to mold growth. The seals must be replaced to avoid all this.

Air Duct Sanitizing

This involves the application of special materials. These materials often referred to as sealants work to prevent particle accumulation and microbial growth, making sure no harmful bacteria is allowed to evolve and spread around your home.

UV cleansers

Despite the common misconception, these are not cleaning materials. They are actually devices which emit UV light at short wavelengths. This light works to break down microorganisms of all kinds including mold, mildew and germs. The devices can be set inside the ductwork to provide permanent protection from these contaminants.

Be it for cleaning, repairing, replacing various parts or sanitizing, you can be rest assured that when you hire us at "Air Duct Cleaning Milpitas" you will enjoy long lasting results. Ask about our dryer duct vent and kitchen exhaust cleaning services any time, or browse our website for more information. Call us today!

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